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Our first summer living in the country/tough situation

And with Fall upon us, we close our first summer as country dwellers.......

In the beginning, when we first moved to this house in the country, we knew there would be an adjustment period. We just didn't know how BIG the adjustments would be.

The first night I literally cried. It was completely dark outside and we had our first encounter with a skunk. Right away I had a panic attack and broke down crying. "I made the wrong choice, living in a small town is one thing, living all the way out in the country is a whole other ball game!"

Let me go back a little....I grew up in Michigan. Busy cities, living in the suburbs, big neighborhoods and lots and lots of neighbors. I actually hated it. I decided that wasn't the place for me. After a short stay in the mountains of Tennessee I knew the country life was for me. I began looking for places to take root. I ended up in small town Kansas with a good friend of mine. As a young woman I cleaned motel rooms in return for room an…

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