Hi. Welcome to my brand new blog. If you are here reading you are probably a normal (maybe stressed out) Mom like me, wondering if you are doing OK, cutting it as a Mom. That is why I write in my blog. Because I often wonder if I myself, am doing an OK job at being a Mom.
I read other Mom's blogs and I see photos of children dressed in name brand clothing, with perfectly combed hair, sitting on stark white furniture surrounded by a beautifully decorated house, and I think to that what it REALLY looks like? Is that REALLY how a "normal" family lives. Let me clarify.

I am not just a Mom, but also a special needs Mom. My husband works on the road full time as a truck driver. We see him just a few days a month. Those days are usually designated for trips to the city for specialist appointments for our twin boys who are on the Autism Spectrum. Not only am I a special needs Mom, but also my children's teacher (I happily home school) and my grandchildren's daycare. I guess what I am getting at is I am BUSY. All day, every day. IF I get in the shower, I do it quickly because one of my two boys might meltdown (not a tantrum, but an Autism Meltdown which is much different, you can read about that here).  Maybe a tag is in their shirt, or the T.V is on too loudly, or three houses down a dog might be barking, and if one of them snaps he might hurt his brother and nobody will be here to save him because Dad is on the road and I am here alone. THOSE are my worries. NOT if my carpet is white,  or if my couch cover is perfectly tucked (hell, I don't even own a couch cover or whatever fancy smanchy name they may have for those things these days), or if my house is decorated in fine detail. I live in a small 2 bedroom duplex (after giving up our bigger, nicer house so we could afford to eat) that I am perfectly content with because it is easier to clean and we can afford to take the kids out to have fun once in awhile. We are not rich by any means, but we are happy (most of the time, but we will get to that in future posts). If you seen my house on a normal school day, you might consider calling child protective services (OK it honestly isn't THAT bad, but it IS a BIG mess). Sometimes if I am lucky, I get "caught up" on the weekends. I use the term sometimes lightly. What I really mean is hardly ever. Almost always we have piles of clean laundry on the floor waiting to be put away (it means I did laundry), and dishes waiting to be washed (I fed my kids), a dirty bathroom, (I cleaned my kids, and toys and school books on the floor (I spent time with my kids). So as you can gather, we are by no means your typical or "normal" family.

I know it seems like I am rambling but I have a point. My point is that I compare myself much too often to other Mom's. Mom's who's life may not be as perfect as it seems either. Yes, they may have money, their house may be fancier than mine. They may travel. They may drive a brand new car every year. But I don't walk in their shoes. I bet they have worries, fears, issues, and stress. Just like me. Just because their life may look perfect on the outside, doesn't mean they don't fight their own battles that just might be scarier than my own. Sometimes, it just takes writing it all down to remember that.

And you know what? I think I am doing an OK job, and I bet YOU are too.

Watch for my next blog post: Oversharing. That should get interesting!


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