Some people live by it, some people talk trash about those who do it, hardly ever is there a middle ground. I have some personal experience on this subject.

Personally I overshare. Not just a little bit, but a LOT. I share about good days, I share about bad days. I share about my kids, my kids disabilities, my kids strengths and weaknesses. I overshare about my personal relationship with my husband and my family. I overshare about everything there is to overshare about. I am the QUEEN of oversharing. If you have come to this blog hoping to hear Ms. Perfect Pants and Prissy Posts, you are probably in the wrong place. I post the good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly. I have a facebook page for just about everything that happens in my life. I have a page for my twin's Autism Support, I have a Chronic Pain Support Page for myself, I have a digital Scrapbooking page, I have my personal page (This is where all the action takes place). My husband hates it, however he doesn't understand. I live here in Kansas. My husband was born and raised here. I was not. I was born and raised in Michigan. My family and friends are ALL in Michigan. Over the years I have gained just a couple friends here. Just my daughter and grand kids for family. I get lonely. Oversharing is my way of connecting to those far away from me, my way of feeling closer to friends who I never see.

I have lost family members because of oversharing. Not because I shared their business. Nope. I would never go that far. I share only my own tribes personal affairs. However, my outer circle had opinions about MY business that I had overshared that they had decided to plaster on THEIR social media which I did not think was appropriate. If I am kind enough not to write my opinions about your life story on MY facebook, MY blogger, or MY twitter, please do me the same and keep your trap shut about your opinions about my business, at least out loud. If you have a problem, speak to me in private. In this day in age there is messenger, email, phones, and more. Why seek out social media to blast your loved ones because you do not agree with how they are living their lives? Why be so cruel?

Here is where I will overshare to keep things juicy (but not too juicy). I overshared on my personal facebook the exact reason why my husband and I went through a separation. While I will not go into ALL details here because it was very embarrassing for my husband who was cleared of most charges, he WAS investigated for some crimes. I will not say what kind because we have already been down that road once. My husband also cheated on me. I know, it was shitty. He shouldn't have done it. I am a God loving woman, and as long as he chooses to work on himself and does not repeat his mistakes ANYMORE, I am willing to try to work on our marriage. BUT ONLY ONE MORE TIME. We still fight. From time to time, you will see me rambling about how I am going to leave. That means we are fighting. Those are days I feel like giving up. Who knows? Some day I might. Only God knows right now. I hope that isn't the case, but if it is, and that is God's plan, I am not scared. I trust in my God.
I tell you this because my FAMILY helped me during the time my husband was away. My FAMILY HELPED me move into a house of my own. My FAMILY was emotionally supportive. They were there for me. They were there for me 100%. However when I decided to give my husband a second chance, some of my family felt as if I had done them wrong in some way. As if I had broken some kind of "don't get back with your ex rule". I lost two sisters and I am almost positive my own Mom. My Mom and my sister "A" hurts the worst. They meant the most. I still have sister "S" which doesn't surprise me. She has always been there for me. Through thick and thin.
Anyway, that is ONE of my recent horror stories.

How I feel about those who choose to keep their personal affairs more private:
I think that is great! If you are not one to overshare, good for you! I think that everyone should have their own way of doing things. If you are a private person, and choose to post only what YOU choose to post, don't let anybody push you into posting more. If they ask questions, be vague. If they want pictures, post only what you feel is appropriate, or be firm and tell people your family does not feel comfortable posting photos online. You can never be too safe these days! There are SO many good reasons NOT to overshare. Keeping your family business private can keep a lot of drama at bay. It can keep a lot of nosey nelly's with their noses on their OWN side of the fence, and it can save relationships between friends and family.

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However, I do have to ask this one burning question to those who throw stones at those of who do choose to overshare? If oversharing is SO bad, and you don't want to hear it, WHY is social media so powerful, and why are you reading our posts? You complain that we are terrible people, and the whole while you can't take your ear away.

Just because I may be Miss Polly Picture Poster doesn't mean I think it is the safest idea. I know how dangerous the internet is. I know that there are child predators out there praying on photos of children. I know that it is not impossible to find where children are located by clicking on a photo. However I also know steps to keep my children safe.

I guess in conclusion my advice is this, say what you want to say, and read what you want to read, but please, please don't give advice to other about what they should or should not post. That is for them to decide. It is after-all, their social media page, and their reputation. If you like it, read it, if you don't turn away. Simple as that! Less judging and more supporting of one another, that is what we need in this world.



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