Our Big Move

We have had some REALLY big changes since last month. As I am sure you have seen through our pictures on our instagram, our first BIG change was moving from the town we were living in, out to the country. WAY out to the country. I am talking our neighbors are horses and cows kind of country.

There were many reasons we came to this decision, and although it was a quick and sudden move, it was NOT a sudden decision. Let me explain. The town we had been living in was declining quickly. The people in that town were less than desirable. We did not care to raise our children in that type of environment. We pulled our kids out of public school years ago to get them away from these people. However, during a move LAST year, (Part of our live smaller, cheaper, and with less stuff) we moved across the street from an Elementary School. That is when things got really bad. Our kids began to get bullied again, like they did in school. The neighbors were definitely not the type of people we wanted to associate ourselves with, we were beginning to have problems with other parents in the neighborhood the more we defended our own children. So we began to think about moving. We decided we wanted OUT of towns and cities. We wanted to live a country life. An even MORE simple life. My husband gave me the go ahead to start looking for rentals in the country-NOT thinking I would find one so fast! 


So now we have this REALLY awesome rental property that sits on a BIG piece of land WAY out in the country. It is peaceful, quiet, and we are free to live our life.
It IS taking some getting used to for me, who has grown up in the suburbs of Detroit my whole life, then moved to Great Bend, Kansas about 10 years ago, but I am slowly getting used to the country life. I am still a little freaked out at night (and even close to dawn and dusk), but I WILL step outside to take the dog out as long as I am close to the house, so I am making improvements LOL

The kids LOVE watching the horses. Little Jacob says the white one is Majestic. Ahh the sweet innocence of Autism. 

The house is definitely a fixer upper, and the yard, WOW, lets just say I will be BUSY this summer! 

But it does come with a NICE man building for the hubby, IF he is able to put anything in it after everybody else is done storing stuff in there! LOL 

The kids are fascinated by everything on the land, including the red ants, and despite my warning of their BIG bites, they refuse to stay back. I think that is just a boy lesson that is going to have to be learned the hard way.

The hubby does have a lot of man hours to put in too. I am NO good with man powered farm equipment, nor do I care to try. I have a phobia of ticks, and there is NO WAY I am going anywhere NEAR those weeds! 

My once exclusively indoor cat even decided the outdoor life is just fine for her. (As long as she can go in and out as she pleases)

This guy has always been an indoor/outdoor cat. 

The other big news in our life is that we got, then lost a kitten named Findley. We loved him so very much in the short time we had him. I won't go into details, but he was killed in a tragic accident. We tried to race him to a vet, and he did live a couple of days, however he ended up slipping into a coma and died shortly after. We have set up a memorial area in our yard for Findley. GOSH we loved that spunkey kitten. He had a unique M marking on his forehead. He had short little legs that were much too short for his body. He hissed so quietly that you couldn't even hear him, tiny and mighty he was. He rarely cried. He loved to climb his cage all the way to the top (He had to be caged when not being held or watched because he was SO tiny, much too young to be away from Mom, actually we got him because he fell from a ceiling during a rainstorm and we rescued him from a lady on Facebook), and when he ran, he ran so fast that his back legs would go in front of his front legs making him run sideways. We love you Findley, and we will NEVER forget you sweet baby. 

Findley Final Resting Place.
We are currently trying to purchase more items for his memorial spot, and have a wishlist on Amazon.

We did get one of Findley's siblings from my daughter. We named this one Pip. We don't know yet if this is a boy or girl, I have to wait for my hubby to come home to tell me, but I am pretty sure it is a girl. Pip will never replace our Findley, but she sure has wiggled her way into our hearts with her own sweetness. 

And last but not least, we have Addie. We rescued Addie from a family who didn't have the time to take care of her. Addie is a little bit high maintenance, and when I say a little bit, I mean a LOT. Addie does not like to be left alone for more than 10 minutes, and if she is she will start yelping like she got ran over by a car. NO JOKE, the first time she did it here, I thought, "Oh man, what just happened to the dog?!" But she just wanted somebody in the room with her. I am getting used to it now, but it still catches me off guard sometimes when she does it, and gives my heart a flutter. LOL 

So that has been life on "The Ranch"

(We don't really live on a "ranch", that is a running joke within our family because we live in a fixer upper rental trailer house. We moved out here to simplify our life and to strengthen our bond with the Lord. We are very thankful we found just what we NEEDED and nothing more! 

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We will be starting school back up in about NINE more days after our MONTH long moving break. It will be SO nice to get back to our year round schooling schedule, especially now with no interruptions during the school holidays! But for now, we are enjoying some time off for fun! 

More Soon!


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