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Changes are underway!

We are beginning a new chapter in our life. We have decided to take our homeschooling adventures on the road. We will now be #RoadSchooling for a little while to see how we like it. We are not rich, so we certainly do not have the means to just jump in an RV and travel full time, so we are very fortunate that my husband happens to work on the road as an OTR truck driver.
We have been on the road for about 9 days now. It has been a time of adjustment for all of us. We have had many big UPS and lots, and lots of downs. Ten year old twins have a lot of energy to spend after sitting for hours in the truck, so we make sure to take at least one hike, or long walk a day to build their stamina for longer more intense exercise while traveling, as well as to let their energy go wild if just for a little while each day.

We are planning (FOR NOW) to be on the road consistently, with some trips home to see the grandbabies, wash some clothes, and refresh our schooling and living items. This certainly has not been a flawless change, tempers flare, and Autism meltdowns DO still happen, however I do believe that if we, as a family, put our all into this, it will be a nice change and will lead to a closer relationship for us all.

We are also getting ready for an exciting new chapter at home as well. While we are traveling on the road, we are also saving for a used camper to set on our land at home. We plan on moving out of the house we are currently living in, and moving into the camper whenever we are able to get it. The camper WILL be a fixer upper, and after we fix the camper up, we plan on converting a bus as well to give us a little bit more room, but still live tiny. We just do not need the huge space we have in our home on the land we are renting. The rental house leaves a lot to be desired, and we have all been thinking about tiny living for a couple of years now anyway.
Both the camper and the bus will remain on our rental property, and we plan to use the house as storage for now as we go through our things and continue to downsize over the next year.

We have a LOT of new going on in our lives as this year comes to a close, and we are excited to see where the new year takes us! We hope you will continue to follow our adventures closely!

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