Our First Month of #Roadschooling!

We are wrapping up our first month of our new adventure of roadschooling. I promise you one thing, it did not go without it's hiccups. 

Right away the kids started complaining. It is boring....He is looking at me....He is touching me......it seemed as if I was never going to be able to live my dream of traveling again. HOWEVER, this Momma bear is NOT going to give up that easy. NO SIR!

I do NOT demand a lot out of my kids. Since we homeschool year round, we usually stick to one or two academic lessons per day, and one physical activity per day. This goes whether at home, or on the road. There is absolutely no reason not to accomplish a little bit of learning and some physical activity each day......or so I thought it was going to be that easy LOL.

Some days we are just BUSY. I have had to learn to let those days go with a life lesson or two, possibly a history museum and possibly some exercise if we are lucky. As I said before, we are not traveling around in a "tour bus" as my husband jokes, we are still "on the job". We can't always just pull into the local history markers for a quick lesson, and sometimes we get really sad that we cannot enjoy what we would be able to in an R.V, or if we "JUST HAD TIME!" or "Somewhere to park our BIG TRUCK!"

Most days we fight, we argue, we even cuss at each other.

 But at the end of the day, we are all saying I LOVE YOU to each other, and for us that is HUGE considering the hurdles we have faced the last few years. I honestly, and fully believe that at the end of the day the sacrifices and the stress are bringing us SO much closer, being able to so openly and honestly express our feelings to each other

and seeing each other every morning and night.

We are especially happy during the times we ARE able to enjoy the sights, learn something new, or just take a nice walk.

This month we have done a LOT....considering.
*Route 66 tour complete with history museums and car museums
*We learned about the hard times families faced as they traveled from places like Oklahoma to California during the hard times. We watched a documentary, a movie, and went to a museum.
*We went to the Grand Canyon and learned about erosion, Indians, and what weather can do to the earth.
*We learned about the different phases of the moon, and what they look like in the night time skies before bed. We have seen these moons and they are beautiful!

*We seen a real life electric chair, that was actually used for the death penalty, and talked about how that made us feel.
*We talked about God, about Politics, about life.
*We learned about the continental divide and saw the different ways the rivers flow.
*We learned about the way the water of a river smooths out the rocks!
*One twin learned to swim, the other learned to DRIVE! (At TEN years old!)
*Math, Spelling, the usual subjects,

And SO SO SO much more!

So there is good, there is bad, and there is even in the middle. I believe what I am doing for my family is the best thing I can be doing. 

We are about to take a few days off at home while I have surgery to clear up a clogged up artery in my heart. I hope to be able to hit the road again right away, however we will have to see. I may have to stay home just a week or so to heal.
I am starting the kids back on the Time4Learning curriculum just for a trial run to see how it fits now that we are on the road and unable to print resources constantly. We also still use many of the same websites we did before, and the world is our classroom, not just some computer spewing out information.

I am happy, the kids are happy, and I *think* my husband is happy-ier-ish? He has Autism too, it is hard to tell.

Please never hold back with questions, comments, suggestions...anything. Just no drama please. Lots of people live life in different ways, this is our way and we like it!

Of course, as always, you can see lots of photos on our Facebook site: Our Homeschool Journey


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