Our first summer living in the country/tough situation

And with Fall upon us, we close our first summer as country dwellers.......

In the beginning, when we first moved to this house in the country, we knew there would be an adjustment period. We just didn't know how BIG the adjustments would be.

The first night I literally cried. It was completely dark outside and we had our first encounter with a skunk. Right away I had a panic attack and broke down crying. "I made the wrong choice, living in a small town is one thing, living all the way out in the country is a whole other ball game!"

Let me go back a little....I grew up in Michigan. Busy cities, living in the suburbs, big neighborhoods and lots and lots of neighbors. I actually hated it. I decided that wasn't the place for me. After a short stay in the mountains of Tennessee I knew the country life was for me. I began looking for places to take root. I ended up in small town Kansas with a good friend of mine. As a young woman I cleaned motel rooms in return for room and board.
Then I met my husband. He was a truck driver. Perfect for me since I had the travel bug from a very young age. We traveled the country for a year, and I found out I was pregnant with twins. I went back to Michigan for a short time, had the twins, and moved back to Kansas shortly after they were born. (They spent a month in the NICU before being able to be released). My husband and I took roots in his home town of Great Bend, Kansas. We stayed in the small town for TEN years.

Fast forward to this past summer. Our twins have Autism. Socialization is not only hard on them, but they were also being bullied and picked on continuously. We had already pulled them from public schools, but living across the street from a public school, it was impossible to keep them away from the bullies 24/7. They came home crying every day. We only lived around the block from a small park, and across the street from a big park. I let the boys go play without me, as long as they were together so that one of them was always available to come and get me if there was trouble.
Every single day, without fail, one of them would come running home telling me the other was being picked on or bullied.
We had enough. We decided that since the boys didn't care to socialize anyway (it actually stressed them beyond belief), and since bullying was an issue, we would move out to the country where we could decide when and where the boys would socialize on OUR terms.

After the initial night in the country house, and my first anxiety attack, things slowly got better. We knew that this house wasn't right for us because it was junk, it was run down, and the landlords were less than quick to fix anything. However we stayed because we LOVED the lot our house sat on, and we LOVED the long driveway that we enjoyed walking on, and the boys enjoyed driving on. So we stayed.

Now come fall, almost winter, the house has shown us MANY more secrets. Turns out the house is INFESTED with spiders, mice, mold, and FLEAS! Our kids have flea bites all over them. We have bought powders, put down cotton balls with peppermint oil for fleas, we have used powders, sprays, bombs, etc., however since the "yard" is extensive (country land) there is just no WAY to effectively treat the land, so the fleas, mice, and spiders are out of control.

The other night, as I was beginning to write this blog (It has taken several days to finish), a mouse ran into my son's room as he was sitting on his computer WITH the cat next to him. The mouse was unfazed and just sat in the room while my son stood on a chair. That mixed with my kids coughing from the mold in the walls was the final straw.

We have had to vacate the house (us, not our stuff YET) quickly. We are now traveling from motel to motel as openings are available. (We can't rent just straight weekly because it is opening weekend for hunters and things are booked). Once my husband comes home from the road, we will be going BACK on the road for the long haul until we can find something permanent. We will be taking our things to storage, and we are currently looking for options for our cats. Things are FAR from ok right now.

We do have a strong faith in God, and we know things will be ok. When I start feeling down about our situation, I pray. I pray for things to settle, I thank God for what we DO have, and I pray for the devil to LEAVE US ALONE!

We are not giving up on country life YET. We have one prospective country house that we are looking at that is far from perfect, but in MUCH better condition than our current living situation. We are also NOT ruling out moving back to the city if something becomes available SOON. Right now things are very much up in the air, and we just have to try to make the best of it.

Despite all of our troubles, the boys still smile, and most of the time we are OK. We have times where each of us has a small meltdown, or anxiety attack, but when you are dealing with a household full of Autism, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, and OCD, those are bound to happen and I DO fully believe that our faith is keeping us from falling apart. I truly believe that God will see us through this season of our life, and as long as we have a roof over our head, Xbox to keep the kids busy, and internet to keep MY mind from falling apart, we are going to make it through this tough time with flying colors. SOMEHOW.
Motel Life. 


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