Moving On!

 It has been awhile since my last blog post. When I left you last we were looking for a way out of our wreck of a rental home, and praying that God would land us where we needed to be. Boy, has it been a whirlwind of a month (plus some)!

We indeed did find another rental in the country, right where we wanted to be. The house was listed as a 3 bedroom, outdated farm house, with some outbuildings. We didn't have much hope, but despite my skepticism, I contacted the landlords and set a date to look at the house. 

When we walked in, I didn't have much hope. There were antiques piled everywhere in the house (While very cool, NOT what you want to see when you need a rental right away). However, as the landlord walked me through the home, I fell more and more in love. Instead of the 3 bedrooms that were listed, I learned that there were actually 5 1/2 rooms! Two and a half of the rooms couldn't be listed as actual bedrooms because of legal technicalities, (Two were upstairs in the finished attic, and one was a half room with no closet) which turned out to be PERFECT rooms for a HUGE school room (we homeschool the twins) and the other made the most perfect bible nook. The half room downstairs we decided to turn into a storage area for our grandchildrens stuff who are here only a couple days a week while their Mommy works. The set up couldn't be more perfect.

At first I was hesitant about going through the application process, sure that it would be more than a month before we got through the application process, and having the landlords remove their belongings, however we explained our situation to them, and they were SO kind! They quickly processed the application for us, called our references, and confirmed that we had our deposit. Once that was done we asked just how quickly they could get us into the house, even if it meant moving into half the house while they moved out the rest of their items. They must have heard our desperation to be out of the old rental because they immediately got moving on moving their stuff out of the house, and we spent our first night at the house later that week! It was AMAZING!

So now, just a few weeks later, we are all moved in, and save for the outbuildings that haven't been cleared yet, the landlords have been SO incredibly speedy to take care of any issues we had (the house had not been lived in for YEARS so there were kinks that needed to be worked out) and anytime we had questions, like what company to call for utilities, they were so kind and helpful. 

This house has been just lovely. It too, me a few weeks to feel "at home", I was so nervous something was going to go wrong. I felt like some disaster must be at our doorstep. However, as the weeks are passing, I am calming down a little bit, and letting myself be more at ease with where God put us! I am SO happy to call this place home. We see AMAZING sunrises and sunsets,

the view here is just gorgeous! I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in the summer! We see a deer at least once a day hopping in the field across from our front door, and the kids are making some amazing memories already!

Now we are just settling in. We finished up a wonderful Thanksgiving with just me and Twin 2 (Dad and Twin 1 were on the road working),

But we are planning on spending a wonderful Christmas together in our new HOME. 

Oh and best of all.....I have finally had time to enjoy my newest grandbaby, baby Payton Grace!

I think this Papa is getting used to handling "the tiny ones"! LOL 

She loves Papa's Elmo voice! 

More soon from our MUCH happier family.

Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! 



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